Adiraja Dasa

In 1971, after receiving his masters degree from New York University, Adiraja left the United States for the Orient to pursue his twin interests: Oriental religion and exotic cooking. Three years later, in India, he heard about the path of devotion to Lord Krishna, where cooking, like all other human activities, is perfectly integrated into spiritual life.

In 1975 he met the devotees of the Hare Krishna movement in Switzerland and became an active member. Since then, he has delighted devotees and guests with his mastery of both cooking and philosophy. Adiraja now lives at the Hare Krishna center near Paris, where in 1983 be published a cookbook in French, Un Gout Supeture sans Frontieres, an association he created that works in cooperation with the government of France to feed needy people. During the winter of 1984-5 Nourriture sans Frontieres gave over 35,000 meals to homeless people in Paris. At present Adiraja is writing a cookbook to teach children the Indian arts of cooking, serving and eating, and is overseeing the translation of his latest cookbook into different languages.

Adiraja's next project is to move to England where he plans to popularize the spiritual cooking of India by opening a cooking school in London and organizing free spiritual-food distribution programs all over the country. If you would like to correspond with him about the subject matter of this book, write; Adiraja dasa, 10 Soho Street, London W 1, England.

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