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|Vegetarianism: A Means to a Higher End |

The word vegetarian, coined by the founders of the British Vegetarian Society in 1842, comes from the Latin word vegetus, meaning "whole, sound, fresh, or lively," as in homo vegetus-a mentally and physically vigorous person. The original meaning of the word implies a balanced philosophical and moral sense of life, a lot more than just a diet of vegetables and fruits. more


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| The Secret Yoga of Food |

Once I sighted a bicycle rider speeding along a crowded New Dehli road precariously balancing fifty or so heavy stack lunch containers hanging from different aparatus attached to his bike. "It is tiffin time!" cried my Indian friend Amit, noticing my concern. "This man will deliver a hundred homemade lunches to the office today. All over the city." more




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| The Science of Eating and Good Health |

India is the home not only of vegetarian cooking, but also of the science of healthful living. The scripture known as the Ayur-veda, is the oldest known work on biology, hygiene, medicine, and nutrition. This branch of the Vedas was revealed thousands of years ago by Sri Bhagavan Danvantari, an incarnation of Krishna. "Old", is not the same as "primitive", however, and some of the instructions of the Ayur-veda will remind today's reader of modern nutritional teachings or just plain common sense. Other instructions may seem less familiar, but they will bear themselves out if given the chance. more

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